UnLike SRI and ESG investing, Impact investing is an investing strategy that seeks to achieve social or environmental goals, as well as generate profit. Our comMitment is to back companies that create impact towards the SDGs

Assessing ESG factors in investment decisions allows you to see just one side of the story; Impact investing adds another layer of to that story. An investor first evaluates the ESG risks of a potential company, and then puts an emphasis on identifying if the business model has integrated intentional positive impact on stakeholders as part of its activities. One way we measure this is by seeing how the company aims to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What is driving the growth of impact investing?
Here are some Global Impact Investing NETWORK (GIIN) Survey Results:

Strong Financial

80% of the owners of impact capital reported exceeding their financial expectations according to the Global Impact Investment Network ​

New Decision-Makers​
In the market

There is a transfer of wealth to Millennials and women with different values

Strong Impact Performance 

99% of the survey respondents noted that they have met or exceeded their expectations since inception

Key factors that set impact investment apart from
other sustainable investment practices include :​

  1. Intentionality of social ​and environmental impact​
  2. Strategy to reach the desired impact​
  3. Investor’s contribution to the impact​
  4. Measurement of the impact​
  5. Transparent reporting of the impact

Clear Skies embeds these factors in all ITS policies and procedures, AND AT ALL STAGES of the
investment decision process