Our Investment Strategy

A multi-asset and theory of change driven strategy that aims at achieving benefits to society and the environment without compromising strong risk-adjusted returns

Impact investment strategy

The integrated investment and Impact Framework

Our multi-asset strategy is streamlined from the global universe of companies to the Clear Skies universe through the following framework. Each potential investment into the funds and portfolios is presented to the Investment Committee by the research analysts, who all meet at least weekly to evaluate investment opportunities.

Identifying intention for impact.

See our Responsible Investment Policy here.​

Assessing strategy and sustainable financial health to achieve impact

Investor’s capital contribution to that impact and risk-adjusted targets

Investor’s contribution to the impact

Performance analysis of impact/financial targets and transparent reporting to compare and improve results

Responsible exits

Clear Skies Impact Radar  

Clear Skies has developed an Impact Radar which is able to use various levers to customize an impact screen based on specific targets and themes. Used at the sourcing stage, the technology creates algorithm-based recommendations to increase efficiency in identifying impactful companies.

Our impact investing products blend private capital with public securities to offer a product that optimizes impact and risk adjusted returns.  

The Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for all investment decisions and a strong adherence to the investment process including due diligence and monitoring of the impact portfolios. The Committee reviews all pertinent economic, market, funds, and portfolio specific information and makes decisions accordingly affecting all assets under management at Clear Skies.